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ERSRI.org is your source for the latest information from Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island, the state’s largest public employee retirement system. 

The $8 billion retirement system works with state employees, teachers, the Municipal Employees’ Retirement System (MERS), MERS police and fire, correctional officers, BHDDH nurses, state police, and judges.

Here, you'll find the latest tools to help you plan for your retirement, calculate your benefits and eligibility, and understand how laws and regulations may affect you.

Are You Planning to Retire Soon?

Are you planning to retire within the next nine months? If so, ERSRI offers group retirement counseling sessions at our Warwick office. During your counseling session, ERSRI will provide you with a benefit estimate and the required retirement forms. You may also want to review ERSRI's Retirement Planning Checklist.

Please schedule your counseling session six to nine months before retirement by calling ERSRI at 401-462-7600.

If you have additional questions, please contact ERSRI using our "Contact Us" page or by phone at 401-462-7600.
The ERSRI Member Service Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.                              

News and Updates

Fall 2019 Issue of Compass is Available

November 2019: The Fall 2019 issue of Compass, ERSRI's member newsletter, is now available for download.

Articles include a retirement system update, a legislative update, a tribute to long-time volunteer board member Marcia Reback, and information on how to see if you have unclaimed property / missing money with the State of Rhode Island.

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Rhode Island Pension Fund Outperforms Benchmark in September

October 30, 2019: The Rhode Island pension fund returned 0.80% during the month of September; earning $67.8 million, with low-fee index funds driving investment performance slightly above the plan’s benchmark return of 0.79% for the period.

Under Treasurer Magaziner's leadership, the State adopted the 'Back to Basics' investment strategy, which is designed to provide long-term growth over time and stability when markets are challenging.

The diversified investment strategy has also served Rhode Island well over longer time periods.

Calendar year‐to‐date the Plan returned 11.8%, significantly outperforming the plan’s benchmark return of 10.6% for the period.

Over the past three years, the fund posted an average annual return of 8.0%, outperforming its benchmark return of 7.8% for the same period. Over the five-year period the fund also outperformed its benchmark, earning an average annual return of 6.0%, as compared to the 5.8% return for the benchmark.

Detailed information about the fund, including the 'Back to Basics' investment strategy, performance, and detailed information about its managers are published online as part of Treasurer Magaziner's "Transparent Treasury" initiative at investments.treasury.ri.gov.

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Treasurer Magaziner, Investors in Northeast, Launch Board Diversity Initiative

October 23, 2019: Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner, along with institutional investors from states across the region, today announced the Northeast Investors’ Diversity Initiative, a regional partnership dedicated to increasing corporate board diversity—inclusive of gender, race, and ethnicity—at companies headquartered in the Northeast.

“An increasing body of research shows that companies with stronger diversity at the senior level tend to outperform those companies that lack diverse leadership teams,” said Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner. “As long-term investors we believe that board diversity, inclusive of skills, gender and ethnicity is an important consideration as we work to protect shareholder value and maximize returns for our members.”
With a total of more than $283 billion in assets under management, the investor coalition intends to leverage their corporate relationships and shareholder rights to encourage boardroom diversity and inclusion.

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Rhode Island Pension Fund Beats Market in August

October 2, 2019: The Rhode Island pension fund finished well ahead of U.S. and global stock markets in August due to the defensively positioned investments in the fund's portfolio.

In a month when the U.S. stock market, as measured by the Russell 3000 Index, fell by -2.0%, and international markets returned -2.4% according to the MSCI All Countries World Net Index, the state's pension fund returned 0.2%.

While most of the Rhode Island pension fund is invested in traditional strategies for growth, nearly 40% of the fund is invested in defensive assets like low-risk bonds and cash to provide protection from swings in the stock market.

The pension's August returns were led by the fund's defensive assets including U.S. Treasuries, which returned 10.6% and by systematic trend-following strategies, which returned 8.5%.

The diversified investment strategy also served Rhode Island well across the 2019 calendar year thus far. Since January, the fund has returned 10.9%, well ahead of its benchmark return of 9.8%.

Detailed information about the fund, including the 'Back to Basics' investment strategy, performance, and detailed information about its managers are published online as part of Treasurer Magaziner's "Transparent Treasury" initiative at investments.treasury.ri.gov.

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2020 Retirement Board Election

September 2019: The Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island (ERSRI) will hold an election for seven new Board members in January 2020. 

The 15-member Retirement Board oversees the state’s pension system and is responsible for its administration. The board approves disability pensions, votes on the target investment rate of return and other assumptions, and certifies employer contribution rates. The board meets quarterly and has four standing subcommittees that meet monthly.

More information about the election process, including which Board seats are open, and important dates can be found here

If you are interested in running for election to the State Retirement Board, nomination papers will be available beginning September 12, 2019 at ERSRI (50 Service Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886). Potential candidates must secure 100 valid signatures from your membership group and return the nomination papers to ERSRI by October 16, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.

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R.I. Pension Fund takes actions to strengthen corporate accountability through shareholder engagement

September 3, 2019: Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner has released an overview of the actions his office has taken over the past year to encourage companies in which the pension fund investments to adopt more responsible and sustainable corporate behavior.
"The long-term sustainability of companies in the pension fund is vital to the retirement system and to our members and retirees who spend their careers in public service," said Treasurer Magaziner. "Shareholder engagement allows us to advocate on behalf of our members and hold corporate management and boards accountable."

Research shows that companies that actively measure and manage material sustainability issues are better positioned to deliver long-term value to investors – including members of the pension system and all Rhode Island taxpayers.
Rhode Island's pension fund holds shares in thousands of companies in its investment portfolio. Each year, publicly traded companies ask shareholders to vote on issues including the election of board members and executive pay packages, as well as proposals from shareholders on environmental, social and governance issues.
Treasurer Magaziner's 2019 Shareholder Engagement Overview can be found at: http://treasury.ri.gov/2019_shareholder

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Each month, ERSRI sends an e-mail to retirees letting you know that your Pay Statement is available to view, as well as quarterly e-mails letting you know when Compass, ERSRI’s newsletter, is available.

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