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Call 401-462-TIPS to report suspected disability fraud.

ERSRI Staff by Department

Phone: (401) 462-7600                                  Fax: (401) 462-7691

You can contact ERSRI by e-mail at our Contact Us page.

Member Services Department

Director of Member Services:               Kate Brock
Customer Experience Manager: John Shaw
Retirement Counselor Manager:          Tara Corcelli
Retirement Counselors:                        Jackie Coughlin
John Midgley
Maryann Pernorio
Jodie Stevenson
Cheryl Melise
Claudia Cardona
Kimberly DeCosta
Disability Administrative Aides:           Gloria Bernstein
Kathleen Martin
Administrative Aide / ERSRI Website: Chandree Kozlin
Retirement Aides:                                    Anthony Vingi

Accounting and Finance Department

Chief Financial Officer: Zachary Saul
Controller: Stacey Whitton
Accounting Manager: Erica Kwiatkowski
Senior Accountant:  
Principal Accountant: Peter Phillips
Business Analyst: Cheryl DerHagopian
Death Benefits: Susanne Costa
Peter Phillips
Refunds & Tax/Direct Deposit Inquiries:  Susan Salvatore
Alice Papa
Peter Phillips
Purchases Manager: Nancy Baronian
Employer Contributions and Payroll: Sandra Longtin
Data Control Analyst: Paula Scola
Data Imaging: Kelly Fay

Executive Administration

Executive Director: Frank J. Karpinski
Assistant Executive Director: Diane Bourne
Deputy General Counsel: Gayle Mambro-Martin, Esq.
Deputy Communications Director: Randy Rice
Administrative Assistant: Roxanne Donoyan