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The Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island is overseen by a 15-member Retirement Board chosen in accordance with Title 36 of the Rhode Island General Laws.

The Board, which meets on the second Wednesday of each month, votes on investment rate of return assumptions, approves disability pensions and makes decisions that affect Rhode Island's retirees.

Current members of the Retirement Board are:

  • General Treasurer Seth Magaziner, Chair, Ex Officio Member
  • William B. Finelli, Vice Chair, Active Teacher Representative
  • Roger P. Boudreau, Retiree Member Representative
  • Mark A. Carruolo, Public Representative (Appointed by the Governor)
  • Brian Daniels, Director, League of Cities and Towns, Ex Officio Member
  • Michael DiBiase, Director of Administration
  • Paul L. Dion, Ph.D., Active State Employee Representative
  • Thomas M. Lambert, Active Municipal Employee Representative
  • John P. Maguire, Active Teacher Representative
  • Marianne F. Monte, Public Representative (Appointed by the General Treasurer)
  • Thomas A. Mullaney, Associate Director/State Budget Officer (Appointed by Director of Administration)
  • Claire M. Newell, Active State Employee Representative
  • Marcia B. Reback, Retiree Member Representative
  • Jean Rondeau, Public Representative (Appointed by the Governor)
  • Dr. Laura Shawhughes, Public Representative (Appointed by the General Treasurer)

You can find information about the State Investment Commission, which oversees the assets of the pension system, at this link.