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Shareholder Engagement and Proxy Voting

Shareholder engagement allows us to advocate on behalf of our members and hold corporate management and boards accountable. The long-term sustainability of companies in the pension fund is vital to the retirement system and to our members and retirees who spend their careers in public service. Our office is working to encourage companies to adopt responsible business practices, so that they are sustainable for years to come.

Each year, publicly-traded companies ask shareholders to vote on items that are pending on their annual proxy ballots. Shareholders are asked to vote on a range of issues, from the approval of boards of directors to shareholder proposals concerning social and environmental issues. 

Research shows that companies that actively measure and manage material sustainability issues are better positioned to deliver long-term value to investors – including members of the pension system and all Rhode Island taxpayers.

Below are links to annual reports which give an overview of our shareholder engagement activities. 

2020 - 2021 Shareholder Engagement Overview

2019 Shareholder Engagement Overview

2018 Shareholder Engagement Overview
2017 Shareholder Engagement Overview

Additional information on shareholder engagement and proxy voting can be found at Rhode Island Treasury's Investment Information Center