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Retiree Forms

  • Change of Information:  Use this Change of Information form to tell ERSRI about a name change, new address, new email address or telephone number.
  • Change of Direct Deposit: Use this Change of Direct Deposit form to have your pension payment deposited right into your bank account, or to change your account information if you have switched banks.
  • Tax Change: Use this Tax Change form if you would like to change the amount of taxes withheld from your monthly pension payment. To learn how to submit your tax withholding election on the ERSRI Member Portal, click here
  • Post-Retirement Employment: Use this Monthly Notification of Post-Retirement Employment form to let ERSRI know about any days you've worked each month for an employer that participates in ERSRI.
  • Beneficiary Designation Form:  Use this Beneficiary Designation form to tell ERSRI who you would like to name as your primary and contingent beneficiaries. 
  • Affidavit of Domestic Partnership: Use this Affidavit of Domestic Partnership form tell ERSRI about your Domestic Partnership or the termination of a Domestic Partnership.
  • HARTFORD Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation: Use this HARTFORD Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation form if you would like to name a new beneficiary on your HARTFORD life insurance policy.  This form must be sent directly to the HARTFORD Insurance address located on the form.
  • TIAA Beneficiary Designation:  If you worked after June 30, 2012 within ERSRI, please remember to update your beneficiaries with TIAA as well.  To change your TIAA  beneficiary online click www.tiaa.org/beneficiary
  • Retiree Healthcare Cancellation: Use this Retiree Healthcare Cancellation form if you no longer wish to receive health care benefits through the state of Rhode Island.
  • Pension Deduction Cancellation:  Use this Pension Deduction Cancellation form if you wish to cancel your Group Life, Union Dues, AFLAC, Credit Union or SECA deduction from your pension.